It’s OK, I’m Still Crazy

I think I should start up a sideblog someday of all the wacky dreams I have. I give you exhibit A (and this is just the latest of many):

My coworker Carole is hosting a talk show where she has some relatively unknown young man sitting across from her. They are talking, and before long it comes out that this man is Jon Stewart’s secret gay lover. Carole decides she needs to get confirmation from Jon, so she calls him on the phone, while on the air, and after a moment of silence, Jon confirms that yes, he didn’t want people to find out this way, but it’s true. Her guest is in fact his secret gay lover. The crowd cheers uproariously.

As though we actually needed it, here is further proof that I am indeed certifiably nuts. Or at least, my subconscious is.


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