Tissue Question

I used up an entire box of tissues yesterday blowing my nose. Exciting stuff, I know. But Billy suggested that I was crazy (as he is wont to do) because I didn’t reuse any of the tissues. This, to me, sounds absolutely disgusting.

Which naturally begs the question: does anybody else out there in Internet-land reuse their snotty tissues in order to make a box last longer?

And not to influence your answer, but if you do, how do you do it? Do you reuse them when they’re still slimy and mucus-y, or do you let them get dry and crusty before you re-apply them to your face?



6 responses to “Tissue Question

  • Karen

    Wow, I never really thought about it before.

    If it’s a big tissue I might be able to use it twice in one go (depending on mucus levels), but I would never save used ones if I had a box of tissues available.

    In my jacket pocket on a cold day if there was no other tissue but a used one and things were getting critical, well, I might just go for it. But it would be a question of desperation, not economy, if you know what I mean.

  • browser58

    The other alternative which my father used to use is a roll of Viva towels, the are actually softer than most tissues, bigger (for second blows if necessary), stonger and cheaper.

    Not nearly as decorative though.

  • The G-man

    I always figured that tissues were pretty much one-use items, particularly for nose blowing.

  • megapets

    (You barely know me, but I thought you should know. Please don’t think I am a disgusting person. I Purell and clean my hands all the time, especially at school.)

    OK, I have to admit that I have reused a tissue. Typically this happens in my car. I try to make sure I have enough napkins and now I have 3 travel tissue packets in the car, but if I don’t then I have to reuse something. I know it is disgusting, but I am being honest.

    I guess I do try to use all facets of the tissue before I throw it into the trash. But that is usually in one sitting, not blow then an hour later pick it up and try it again.

    When I got married, I bought a ton of the travel packets to put into the bathrooms at the reception hall. They never made it into the bathrooms so now we have 20 or so travel packets in our bathroom just waiting to be used on the go. I really don’t have an excuse now. 🙂

    Now here is food for thought: I work with kids, and it seems like once one person has to blow their nose, everyone does. And they barely use the tissue. It was worse with the younger grades at the beginning of the year. I know people teach you to use a tissue to blow your nose. But the amount of waste these children provide for my trashcan is unreal sometimes. When a mother blows their child’s nose for them, they probably get one or two blows out of their nose. But when a child uses a tissue on their own, they simply take it out of the box, wipe their nose, really not even blow – just sort of rub the tissue on their nose for fun and then throw it away. How and when do you really learn how to use a tissue?

    Am I saying that I do not appreciate the children blowing their noses? No, not at all. There are times when they sneeze and it gets all over their hand, I tell them to go to the bathroom and do not open the classroom door with the snotty hand. What do they do? They open the door with the snot in their hand. I get my Clorox wipes (or now I use baby wipes) and go to town, even if the class is sitting right there. It is too gross for me to continue with my lesson. Just thought I’d throw this out into the universe. 🙂

    Boy one little post for you and this is the most I’ve posted in ages! (and it’s not even on my blog!!)

  • ridiculous

    tissues? who buys tissues? i use toilet paper.

    wow. i’m not sure why, but that’s kind of gross…

  • SOnal

    one time use… no question about it..

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