So Very Tired

I had a post in mind for today but there is no way I could do it any justice if I tried to write it tonight. I can feel the darkened pockets under my eyes drooping and making my whole being heavier than I could have ever thought possible. I don’t want those sagging bags to weigh down my special post, too.

Therefore, I give you this photo from my friend Sha’lyce’s birthday party on Saturday night to tide you over until the magic happens and I get some sleep:


4 responses to “So Very Tired

  • toadman

    Hey there…nice shot. Looks like some sort of candlelight vigil or religious ceremony. I hope the birthday party wasn’t that somber though…I mean, unless she was turning 40 or something…

    Oh, hey, since you’re kinda becoming a regular commentor at my blog (thanks, by the way), I guess I should send you the link to the less sanitised blog that I also keep (read that, “The blog my mother doesn’t read.” Get it?)

    It’s here:

    But don’t stop commenting at the other site…it makes me feel all warm and mushy inside…kinda like a Baked Alaska. that right? Hmm.. bad analogy.. oh well, whatever.

    Nite nite Caitlinator…

  • Jill

    I really like that picture. I mean that, even though my sentence sounds stupid. And I did get some sleep. But I still sound like this. Hope you got some rest.

  • sandra

    Now I want champagne…

  • Karen

    Hope you got a good night’s sleep. But it’s for selfish reasons. I really want to read that post. 😉

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