26 Things: Signage

A long, long time ago I came across the website for 26 Things, a photographic scavenger hunt, and thought, “hey, this is pretty cool! I should do this!” And then of course I didn’t.

It’s probably not apparent since I haven’t posted much about it and what I have posted has probably been pretty cryptic, but I am on the verge of some monumental changes in my life. I’ve worked my way up to putting on the parachute, flying up to 13,000 feet, and standing at the open doorway. All I’ve got left to do is jump. My knuckles are white with fear but I’m starting to realize that I’m ready. I’m really ready.

But all this change takes a tremendous amount of work and effort and I haven’t had the time for blogging that I normally like to spend with it. So I’m going to switch gears a bit and try to do this 26 Things assignment (a really old one, from 2003) one day at a time. I’ll call it, “26 Things in 26 Days.” It might not actually happen in 26 consecutive days, but it will happen. I swear. Today I went out and took 212 photos. Somehow I still don’t have enough.

I promise more details will come regarding this monumental change and that I will not stop writing and posting my writing. But for now, I can only promise that the photos will be posted (almost) daily.

Today’s Thing: Signage.


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