26 Things: Color


6 responses to “26 Things: Color

  • sharkfin

    I really love your photographs, Caitlin. I think you have a real eye for photographic composition and colour. I also really like the idea of a photographic scavenger hunt. Makes me wish I had a decent camera to do the same thing. I mean, I guess the fact is: I have a camera so I could do it, too. Hmmm…. maybe I will. I’ll get a roll film (digital? what’s digital?) and I’ll go around and shoot some photos. Does the 26 Things site set up new hunting lists every month? Your link goes to a Nov 2005 list.

  • the Caitlinator

    The lists have been pretty sporadic. I’m actually now working off of a list from 2003. I think November 2005 was the last time she put up new prompts. In total, there are about five or six lists, I think.

    You should do it; it’s so much fun, even just to go out and look at ordinary objects in a new way!

  • Karen

    I’m looking at a list from 2004 that I might do.

    When I tried to follow a couple of the links that people posted for where their photos are, the links went to spam sites. I was disappointed.

    Anyway, your photos are great so far Caitlin! Keep them coming. (Rah, rah and all that.) 😉

  • the Caitlinator

    Hehe, thanks, Karen! I know; I did the same thing and was equally disappointed. I get the feeling that she hasn’t done much with that site in a long while. The spam feels like cobwebs popping up in a beautiful old house.

  • groovebunny

    I have to say I love this pic. It’s the boldness of the colors.

  • the Caitlinator

    Thanks, Groove!

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