The Green Man

When I think of Saint Patrick’s Day, I think of hoards of people wearing green.

When I think of hoards of people wearing green, I think of my dad. Ah, Dad.

Dad’s all-time, number one, most favorite outfit was this pair of green pants and matching green polyester button-down shirt with huge pockets on the chest. The shades of green were close, but not quite matching, and they were GREEN. Like, if you looked at him long enough, you’d go colorblind.

My mom hated that outfit. The clashing tones of green made her cross-eyed. And the polyester made her feel nauseous. She used to cry when he wore that outfit.

I imagine him wearing that outfit today, wherever he may be, enjoying whatever freedom he has found in the world beyond.

Somewhere off in the distance, I can see a leprechaun dancing the Irish jig at that thought.


3 responses to “The Green Man

  • Karen

    Whoa! Whole new look. Is there a story behind the pasta?

    The pasta appears to be “enlarged to show detail”. For some reason, at first I thought it was french fries. Maybe I’m just craving french fries.


  • the Caitlinator

    I have just always wanted to say “Hasta la pasta, baby.” I don’t think this will last long. It’s very YELLOW.

  • Pakchoi

    I wear Orange in honour of our Protestant Irish background… always one to cause a stir. 🙂

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