The Post in which I Do Nothing but Complain

I started off the week with allergies, which I have never had and which drove me crazy.

The “allergies” have since morphed into a relapse of that cold I had a while back.

I have a headache today, possibly because of my clogged sinuses, but more probably because there are certain aspects of my day that really piss me off. Every day.

Can I please just have a nap, already? Gahd.

I am having serious problems figuring out whether it is more important to go to the gym, go see a choir performance, go take a nap, or go do the research I need to do in order to improve those aspects of my day that really piss me off.

That is probably another reason why I wish my head would explode right now.

I can’t take all this complaining. It’s making me nauseous.

What about you? What do you hate today?


5 responses to “The Post in which I Do Nothing but Complain

  • toadman

    I hate that I have to go to a sales presentation tomorrow and am going to miss going to lunch with my friend who has been gone for six weeks. I hate that I’m going to have to give a ride to a guy that I cannot stand, who will bleat and bleat about the wonders of technology for the entire 45 minute trip. I hate that I’m going to have to sit there with the dean of my department and keep my mouth shut, no matter how much I want to turn to the one guy who’s comming with me that I like and murmer mockery to about the proceedings.

    But I’m ok with going to visit and drink with THIS GUY and his other readers tomorrow evening. I’m way ok with that.

  • the Caitlinator

    Ooh, I’m jealous of you west-coasters. I’ve been reading about it and I hate that it’s like 3,000 miles away. Make sure to have a drink for me.

  • AnnieElf

    What do I hate today? Well, dealing with an HR office that makes it darn near impossible to get a casual worker paid while jumping through more hoops than it’s worth. So you work out a plan B. Skin the cat and go through the backdoor to get the thing DONE. Argh to bureaucracy.

  • Karen

    Things I hated today:

    Going to my son’s school to have a meeting with someone they didn’t know existed and whose name I was pronouncing completely wrong even though that’s exactly how it sounded on his garbled phone message.

    Explaining to a man I know as “Mr. Censorship” (such delicate sensibilities the children have!) why I was taking photos on school property before I entered the school. (I had my camera! There’s lots of historic architecture in the area. It’s an addiction, okay?)

    Waiting almost half an hour for Mr. [garbled-mumble] to show up — while sitting on the bench in the hallway outside the principal’s office!

    I, um, didn’t have much of a day today. I don’t even have any jelly beans to make it better. I did have a sinfully delicious caramel-toffee-chocolate donut though, so it’s not all bad.

  • kat

    i interviewed a guy last week that i totally wanted to marry, but when i re-interviewed him yesterday, i decided that i totally did NOT want to marry him. i kind of hate that.

    but it never would have worked anyway, since he’s been married for 10 years and has a couple of kids. so i’m kind of okay with it.

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