I Give Up. Again.

You know how when there’s something you really need to do for yourself, like say, cleaning the garage, and you know it will drastically improve your life if you do it, but you can’t bring yourself to even begin to start to do it?

You are so disinclined to do it, in fact, that you invent thousands of other important things to do so you don’t have to do it, like teaching yourself how to create alpha channel masks in Photoshop, or deciding to really start hitting that gym four days a week, or um, well, blogging.

All the while, the garage is still really messy and getting messier by the minute and now you think there’s something alive in there that’s eating all your favorite childhood photos but you STILL can’t bring yourself even to open the door because the effort might kill you. So instead you roll over on the couch and change the channel to watch the Yankees lose (again) and realize you’ve got ANOTHER headache from all the self-criticism that comes from knowing you’ve got a job to do that you are simply unwilling to begin.

That’s a little bit like how I feel this week. I want to quit everything. I just want to quit. Let the demons in the garage devour me whole. Anything not to have to clean out that goddamn (metaphorical) garage.


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