Opening the Door

We’re making progress.

In keeping with the garage metaphor, I’ve finally deigned to open the door, peek inside, and even poke around at some of the piles to see what there is to do. Only one cockroach scurried into a corner so far, which is much better than the nest of thieving ogres I was expecting.

After a good, thorough assessment of the situation, I feel I have a decent plan of action, and for once it doesn’t involve teaching myself Photoshop or losing 25 pounds. (Because we all know that has oh so much to do with cleaning out the garage.) I am almost ready to begin making a dent in this motherfucker.

And I apologize for my dirty language but you see, there simply is no other word that is appropriate for this situation. As always, I appreciate your understanding.


3 responses to “Opening the Door

  • kat

    well, if you must use dirty words, i’m glad that you at least used my favorite 🙂

  • Karen

    It’s your blog, and it’s your “garage” — so I guess if we don’t like it we know where we can go! (Away.)

    You’ll notice I’m still here though.

  • Bob

    It’s just garagetalk…the swearing…like when a skilsaw blade explodes and sends white hot pieces of shrapnel hurling through the air and it takes off your neighbor Tom’s thumb and all you can see is a personal injury lawsuit coming…well what ya sposed to say “oh fudge damn it!”??

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