Fly Away

She felt a sense of inflation within her chest. Something was changing, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She felt lighter somehow, but also bigger. Soon enough, she saw that her toes were no longer even touching the ground as she walked. She was floating, inflating, losing touch.

Her first instinct was to grab hold of something, to pull herself back down to the hard concrete below her, but there was nothing around for her to hold. She stretched her toes to try to touch the ground but her body kept getting lighter and lighter and she floated quietly farther and farther from the earth. The funniest part about what was happening was that no one around even seemed to notice that she was the only person actually flying down 53rd Street.

She looked down around her but now all she could see were the tops of people’s heads. No one looked up. She floated past a tree and noticed how it had just started budding tiny little green leaves. She tried to suppress a smile. This couldn’t be real, she thought.

Soon she was high over the city, looking down on everything she’d ever known. She didn’t know if she’d ever touch ground again but at least up here the air was quiet and she felt herself inflating, floating, drifting, and peaceful.


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