I am having one of those holy shit moments, when I’m just a bit too stunned to do anything. I walked into my office this morning to find a disaster area. Apparently, some pipe in the ceiling burst during the night and flooded our floor and the floor underneath ours. Several offices are destroyed, the art room has been taped off due to destruction, and my office is one of the few with computer access. Some of the water leaked into the server room, causing outages throughout the company. I could not find my phone when it was ringing this morning.

Not sure what is going to happen from here. They are still vacuuming water from the floor. It is going to smell like shit in here for a great long while, I think.


9 responses to “Flood

  • kat

    yipes. i’ll bring you a raft this weekend.

  • toadman

    Ah.. the dreaded office water feature. We’ve had this happen in our office as well.

    My advice? Go get some coffee and fuss about it for at least two hours or more…it makes the day go by faster…

  • Sarah

    Yikes…that sucks! My last office had something like that happen, but we were lucky it was in the kitchen area. I was in my office and thought, “why does it sound like I’m near a waterfall all of a sudden?”
    Not a nice way to start your week. Good news is, you’ll end it at TequilaCon! Stopping by to say I look forward to meeting you there and thought I’d say hello first.

  • sandra

    God, that’s awful — yuck! Hopefully they’ll get everything cleaned up sooner rather than later, and you won’t have to sit in a terrible-smelling office.

  • Karen

    Well, that sucks. At least you can blog about it though. (Hope it helps.)

  • Dustin

    So does this mean that “your” computer will soon become a “community” computer due to it’s now rare fuctioning status?

    (wandered over from a TequilaCon reference)

  • the Caitlinator

    Ahh, my computer went offline shortly after this post and has yet to be restored to “operational” status. Yikes, what a disaster.

  • AnnieElf

    This is just terrible. I just went back and re-read the entry. Recovery of all the data is probably going to be a five letter word. Arghhh.

  • the Caitlinator

    Hooray! I am back online. Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes. I was very lost without the Internet.

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