T-Minus Two Days to TC06

What a week.

People finally grew tired of the stench in the office and decided to replace the carpeting after all. Yesterday they pulled up the old carpet and scraped up the glue. This was 100 times worse than the odor of wet carpet in that I could actually taste the glue in my mouth as they were working. Point of information: Carpet glue does not taste good.

While working, they kicked up some decades-old dust which left a nice glaze over every surface available. This also kicked up some allergies and today I have moved from dealing with odor to dealing with itchy eyes and a scratchy throat. I keep having to pour new cups of drinking water since dust is STILL settling, and settling on top of the water in my cup.

Aside from that, I have taken a bold step in the world of life-altering-type change in that I have put in my (long-term) notice at my current job without actually having anything else lined up yet. I’m still a little bit shocky right now and I haven’t told all my coworkers yet so that is all I will say for now out of respect for them.

Suffice it to say, I think large quantities tequila will play heavily in my immediate future.


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