Official Notice

It’s officially official.

I’ve given my notice at my cushy corporate job at a large media company here in New York City. I will stay until the middle of June and then I plan to go back to school. Again.

I am planning to get my certification and Masters in Art Education so that I can follow in my father’s footsteps and become an art teacher. Ultimately, I would love to start my own art school, perhaps for adults as well as children. But this is the first step.

I will start by getting my undergraduate degree in art, which will take two semesters at Hunter College (going for cheap, here), and then I will likely go to Queens College for the Masters and certification. While at school, I’ll be working part-time, though at this point I don’t have anything lined up.

It has taken huge amounts of emotional effort to get to this point and there are certain people (I think you know who you are) who have really helped me get here, and to you I say THANK YOU. I know that I am finally on a path that suits me best and that will make me happy. I know that I am finally living my life on my own terms instead of trying to prove my value to the world. And damn it, that feels good.


10 responses to “Official Notice

  • ~ruthie

    Congratulations on your decision to finish college and persue higher education. I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

  • the Caitlinator

    Thanks, Ruthie, although I am headed back for a second bachelor’s and this is my second attempt at a Masters. I have had WAY too much school at this point. I guess the big difference is that now I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.

  • Summer

    I’m hugging you now.

    Just so you know.

  • Bob

    What you’re doing you will most appreciate as you get older…following true paths instead of expedient ones…as a person who tended more to the latter you have my total admiration!

  • Sonal

    You go girl… Glad to see you are doing this and soon you will have three months off a year like Kathy, Amanda and me!!!

  • AnnieElf

    Cait – I am so happy that you have found the strength and fearlessness to do this. It is a given that your life will be fabulous from here-on-out because you have made a choice for YOURSELF. Now . . . if you find yourself with a bit of that fearlessness left over, well, you know where to send it.

  • Caryn


  • Neil

    That must have been a big decision for you, but it’s always great to see someone follow their own path! My mother lives a few blocks from Queens College. Stop in for some soup sometime.

  • toadman

    You’re brave and out of the ordinary…but you already knew that. You will be awesome!

  • Karen

    Oh, you are my hero. Heroine? This is better than an invisibility cloak or floating like a balloon. You are on your way to your future.

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