Not Well-Written, But Just What the Doctor Ordered

There is a guy at the gym who sort of demands my attention whenever he’s there. It’s not because he’s obnoxious or loud or anything like that, but he’s just so tall and muscular and he always wears sunglasses. He leaps into view, even if he’s ten feet behind me. I never speak to him because he’s not my personal trainer and I don’t really want a personal trainer.

He has occasionally come up to me to offer some unsolicited advice, which usually annoys me because let’s face it: who likes unsolicited advice about anything, least of all when you’re dripping with sweat and feel ready to collapse into a heap on the floor at any second? Last night he caught me before I started my workout, telling me that I shouldn’t just do cardio workouts, that I need to do weights too. I told him that I do the weight training in the morning before work because that’s how my schedule works. I don’t know if he believed me or not, but as I was leaving he said, “You look great,” which whether he meant it or not, totally made my day.

It was just what I needed, since the scale has not confirmed his statement for me yet. Unsolicited compliments, unlike unsolicited advice, are always welcome. You know, in case you were wondering.


3 responses to “Not Well-Written, But Just What the Doctor Ordered

  • toadman

    I think you’re writing is wonderful, and I really respect it.

    Guess what…I mean it too.

    good morning caitlinator

  • AnnieElf

    >Unsolicited compliments, unlike unsolicited advice, are always welcome< Insightful, humorous and oh so true. LOL

  • the Caitlinator

    Toadman, you totally took the hint. For that I reciprocate with a “right back atcha,” and guess what – I mean it, too.

    And since I’m dishing out unsolicited compliments, you’re looking quite nice today, AnnieElf.

    I’m thinking of changing my site so people can leave “compliments” instead of “comments.”

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