Life Plan and Baseball

I didn’t submit ten résumés yet. I submitted eight. I’m emerging from quarantine because I’ve changed the game plan. I can do that because I am the boss of my life.

If I am going to pay for school, I have to be rich. I’ve tried to find someone to pay for my undergraduate credits but no one is stepping up. That leaves one person left to hit up: me. And so it does not follow that I should look for a job that pays LESS than I make now. I need to make MORE.

But that’s not really my point today. Today my point is actually twofold:

1. When I graduate college (again) and after I’ve taught art for a while, I would like to start up my own little art clinic for children and adults. If I have to, I will run it out of my backyard during the summers. I want the focus to be on art as therapy, and eventually I’d love to see it grow up to cover not just fine art but also graphic art and creative writing. Someday, I would love that art clinic to be my only source of income. My point here is, I have finally hashed out my dream life. I have a goal. And I know I can reach it. My only obstacle is time, and even time can be conquered, eventually.

2. The only way I’m not going to tonight’s Yankees game is if the players have to swim around the bases. And even then, someone would have to do some serious convincing to get me not to go. Because the only thing hotter than Mike Mussina is Mike Mussina when he’s dripping wet.


6 responses to “Life Plan and Baseball

  • kat

    i often wonder whether i am the boss of my own life. but i think not – it’s total anarchy over here.

  • Jill

    Oh my. Mike Mussina dripping wet. Now there’s an image to go to bed envisioning.

  • Neil

    Have you thought of marrying rich? (lose your shoe on Park Avenue with your phone number and address written inside)

  • AnnieElf

    So do the resume Cait. You did the right thing taking the risk and quiting your job. Your dream of a school, even starting out in your backyard, is so do-able. I recently read of a woman (under 20)who started up a math and science camp in her back yard. It’s a great success. Yours can be too.

  • the Caitlinator

    Kat – grab that life by the balls. Show it who’s boss. Hm. Feel free to take that advice or leave it.

    Jill – sadly it did not start raining last night until Mike was replaced. And then the Yankees lost. A double whammy. Sigh.

    Ooh, Neil, that’s very Cinderella-y. Only with a NYC flair. I like it. But I love Billy. That is slightly problematic. Maybe he should be the one trying to get rich.

    Annie, I am SO on it. I’m going to rock the resume world. Thanks for the support!

  • AnnieElf

    You go girl!

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