On My "Return" to the Internet

Part of what drove me from this little spotlight I’ve created for myself is that the longer I stood inside that dim round glow on a stage of my own making, the less I knew how to entertain my audience. Isn’t that what this is all about, after all? Entertainment?

I’m not an entertainer. I don’t embarrass easily, but perhaps that is not the definition of entertainment, either.

I’m not sure what I have left to contribute to this vast space of the Internet, but here I am, at least for today, stopping by if only just to say, “Hello.”

Time seems to stop and surge all at once and I’m beginning to find that I don’t quite know how to put my finger on the here and now the way I used to. How do you begin again with the world twirling incessantly all around you?

Sometimes it makes me sick.


6 responses to “On My "Return" to the Internet

  • Summer


    I’m so happy to see you. So happy, in fact, that I will not challenge your statement that it’s all about “entertainment.”

    (But, for the record, I do not believe that blogging all about entertainment, and, further, I do not believe that blogging has to be about spotlit self performance.)

    Again: Caitlin!

  • treespotter

    it begins with hello

  • AnnieElf

    It’s great seeing you back Cait. And it isn’t all about arts and entertainment and gardening and knitting and, and, and…. I love reading the day to day lives of people and just get to know them. It’s my favorite way of making connections. Hey look at us. I’m in CA and you are in NYC. However else would we have met and connected? So, just say hello and just start again.

    Hello, Cait. Welcome back.
    Annie ELF!!

  • Karen

    Hello Caitlin. Thanks for stopping by my blog while you were away from yours.

    I’m so happy you’ve written a post today. I’d love to think you’re back, but you didn’t make that promise, did you?

    Have you taken any good photos lately? (Just askin’.)

  • ridiculous

    caitlin: ‘hello’ works for me…

    welcome partially back.

  • the Caitlinator

    Thanks everyone! I wasn’t going to come back until I designed a new masthead but clearly that didn’t happen. Hoping I can stick around anyway.

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