Busy, Busy

During my three-week absence, I became addicted to Sudoku. And I know I must have been busy today because here it is 5:12pm and I still have not done one single Sudoku puzzle.

Next you’ll tell me that the world has stopped revolving. And I will totally believe you.


4 responses to “Busy, Busy

  • kat

    eep! sudoku makes my head hurt.

  • Caryn

    i too am addicted. i rarely read on the subway anymore! over the weekend, someone recommended Wash Post sudoku … because it lets you make notes!

  • fiction dept

    No-one has shown me how to do sudoku and I’ve tried to work it out on my own and i’ve given up. I’ll just stick to reading and playing cards…. 🙂

    PS: my verification word today was pretty cool — ooawekui! I like it! Sounds like something to say when you raise your glass: instead of saying, ‘cheers’ why not say ‘ooawekui!’?

  • Karen

    You’ve got to get yourself a Nintendo DS and do the puzzles electronically. I’m telling you, it’s way better!

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