No, It’s Not That Time of the Month

I’m having one of those days where although nothing is actually technically WRONG, everything in the world makes me want to spit. My bank account and my pants are both too small and I have a headache.

What I want right now, at this very moment, is a box of Entenmann’s chocolate frosted donuts, a case of Sam Adams, and a dark room in which to watch “Knight Rider” and “Quantum Leap” for hours without interruption. It might not make me happy, but at least for a few hours I could forget about the existence of insufficiency.


9 responses to “No, It’s Not That Time of the Month

  • fiction dept

    Sixty percent of Nigeria’s population lives below the poverty line. Yet according to the World Values Survey, published in *New Scientist* magazine, Nigerians are the happiest people on the planet. How can that be? It may have something to do with the
    Survey’s conclusion that “the desire for material goods is a happiness suppressant.” Sounds to me like the conclusion the Buddhists came to a long time ago: Craving for earthly riches is the source of a lot of suffering.

  • kat

    insufficiency is highly underrated.

  • the Caitlinator

    I place a lot of value in the belief that people can be happier with less. But it would be nice if I could afford new glasses once in a while so I could see.

  • Jill

    Me too. Afford new glasses, maybe find some health insurance… I try not to be materialistic, but every now and then comparing my bank account to my desire to focus on my writing really causes me heart palpitations.

  • treespotter

    you should listen to the advice of others. sound wise enough.

    i’ve seen really poor kids to be a lot happier than the ones playing around in malls.

    you might want to reconsider Knight Rider though

  • the Caitlinator

    Ah, Jill, I tried to use my insurance for the glasses. It was cheaper without it, since the insurance basically covers NOTHING.

    I don’t know how much I agree with the idea that poverty equals happiness. Some of the homeless and poor people living in New York City seem like the most unhappy people in the world. As well as many of the Africans I met earlier this year. I think that the real message to learn is that one must balance desire with contentedness. Still, it would be nice if I didn’t have to wonder whether or not I’ll have enough money for food every week.

    And I don’t care what you say, Treespotter, I will always love KITT.

  • sumdeedum

    I just traded a portion of my liver for new eyeglasses and contacts, for both myself and my son…so, not only do I feel your pain, I feel my own as well.

    Ointment helps.

  • Karen

    The ABBA song “Money Money Money” comes to mind. But that’s because my husband bought an ABBA CD and he plays it in the car.

    There’s an ABBA song for everything, I think.

  • AnnieElf

    Cait, I’m with you. Sometimes retreating into what makes you happy, brings comfort, and just temporary oblivion (PULEESZE, no drugs or serious consuption of alcohol) can help clear the cobwebs. My medicine of choice? Chocolate. Oh yes, and WHY the heck do glasses, even simple ones, and me with insurance, STILL cost so darn much???

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