This Is How I Know Billy Loves Me

I asked him if he’d wash my dirty underwear, and he said YES!


4 responses to “This Is How I Know Billy Loves Me

  • Karen

    So, was it a hypothetical question, or an actual question? Because if said laundry actually gets done by said man, then yes, that is love. Especially if he has to travel any distance to do it. But if it’s only hypothetical, well then, so is the love. (Okay maybe not, but sometimes it’s good to test these things.)

  • AnnieElf

    Oh that is funny Cait. Women do it for men as a norm. When MEN do it we consider it a sign of love. Yeah, sweet but for me it would be a sign of MY madness to let in continue. I told my DH to stop “helping” with MY laundry (of any kind)after the wreck and ruin of a load of my delicates. All has been long forgiven but it’s still Hands Off. LOL

  • the Caitlinator

    As far as I know, it is not a hypothetical. He actually let me put my clothes with his this morning.

    I’m not giving him anything delicate because I know it will only get ruined. But still – he’s willingly washing my dirty underwear!

  • treespotter

    he might be about to ask you for a big favor

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