I’m Taking A Survey

I have a family function to attend in Connecticut in August and I have a few choices as far as how to get there. I need YOUR help in justifying my desire to choose option C.

Option A: Take the train to Poughkeepsie and drive over with my mom. Total cost: $25.50. Total time commitment: 6 hours round trip to Poughkeepsie, plus the drive to and from Connecticut.

Option B: Take the train to Danbury and get someone to come schlep me the rest of the way to the function, about 15 miles each way on back roads. Total cost: $21.50. Total time commitment: Not really sure, but I will be at the mercy of the people there to take me to and from the station.

Option C: Rent a car and drive myself. Total cost: $75 plus gas and tolls. Total time commitment: About four hours? Plus the freedom to come and go as I please, and maybe even get some bulk shopping done while I’m at it.

While option B seems to be most cost-effective (and I’m all about cost-effectiveness these days, with the excessive load of debt I’m currently suffering under), option C is so attractive because it doesn’t involve smelly subways or trains or kids crying or people talking on cell phones or me begging for a ride to the train station just when everyone’s having fun. Plus, I get to drive, which I hardly ever get to do anymore. I love to drive.

So you see. I need you. Please help.


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