Smarmy Saturday

Here I am, sitting alone in my living room. I got tired of wearing my underwear inside-out so I took it off. It’s lying on the floor in front of the couch, on top of the jeans that I also took off. They were uncomfortable. So I’m in my t-shirt, that doesn’t quite cover anything past my waist, and sitting in front of the computer, writing this out with the intentions of posting it in a very public forum because that’s just the weird kind of mood that I’m in right now.

I need to do laundry. The elevator was broken in my building today, but that’s not really the reason why I didn’t do laundry. I was out with my Little Sister to watch Click and browse Barnes and Noble for summer reading. That’s a somewhat nobler thing than laundry, isn’t it?

I need to go food shopping. I ate peanut butter on a spoon for lunch. I didn’t even like it. But it had calories, and without calories I thought I might die, so peanut butter it was. Now I’m going out for margaritas, because what could possibly go better with peanut butter than margaritas?

But I will put pants on before I leave the house. This I swear. The underwear… well, wouldn’t you like to know?


5 responses to “Smarmy Saturday

  • AnnieElf

    I just learned about this method of underwear dressing from my 21 year old daughter called “Going Commando”. Is that a New York concept too? When she told me about it I was totally baffled. Commando????? Well, I learned that it means going without panties!!! Oh, the things I still am learning. LOL

    On the other hand, B&N exploration sounds fun. What did you find?

  • Neil

    The no pants and underwear is cheaper than air conditioning.

  • treespotter

    sometimes, in between the insanities at work and the hectic pace of life, i browse the Internet, sorf the blogosphere to mine the little carats of wisdom and drips of amusements. Sometimes, i found things that makes me wonder, why oh why do i need to know that thing that now i know.

    this is one of such moment.

    (written, fully dressed in power suit)

  • treespotter

    that was meant to be sarcastic, i am actually totally naked except for a funny hat.

  • Karen

    I just love the word “smarmy”.

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