Green Thumb

This weekend was incredibly productive. How productive, you ask? I will tell you:

I bought flowers. Lots of them. I bought so many flowers that I ran out of places to plant them.

Billy and I went to Home Depot to buy planters and soil. Even with the planters and soil that we bought, we still did not have enough planters.

We managed to plant everything, though. And now I live in Paradise.


As they (I) say, if you can’t go to the country, bring the country to you.


6 responses to “Green Thumb

  • kat

    my apartment is overflowing with plants and planters. it’s the only thing that keeps me sane amongst all this damn concrete.

  • Caryn

    my cats eat houseplants, so i had to give them up. boo. i buy cut flowers pretty often though! 🙂

  • Karen

    So pretty! Good idea, Caitlin.

  • Amanda

    beautious! and right here in NYC! i saw your comment on toadman’s blog and came over to see your indoor garden. i live in NYC as well.

  • Karen

    Oh, I realize I should have asked this before — what are the blue ones?

    (Blogger is playing with me again. My WV is “rjfifi” — are they “fifi”?)

  • the Caitlinator

    A delayed response, Karen, but I think the scientific name of the blue ones (which are actually purple) is “plantus purple-us,” which is Latin for “I have no friggin’ idea.” Sorry! I just plant ’em. I don’t actually know what they are.

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