I Told You I Was Productive This Weekend

Another thing I did this weekend? I bought not one, but TWO pairs of new shoes.

One pair effectively tore my feet to shreds in a mere ten minute walk from the store to my apartment. I look disdainfully at those shoes, flip flops that are supposed to be comfortable house shoes, and I want to spit.

The other pair is almost identical to my old pair. The only difference, really, is that this pair doesn’t have a broken arch in the left shoe, or cracked soles, or torn leather. I look upon these new shoes with love and pride.

It took two years to replace the pieces of crap I was trying to pass off as shoes, but I left Payless ShoeSource yesterday feeling like a million dollars.

Hallelujah. Amen. Thank you, Shoe Gods.


7 responses to “I Told You I Was Productive This Weekend

  • kat

    no new shoes for me this weekend, but i did buy a pair of pants that i wore for the next two consecutive days. so that’s something, i suppose.

  • Karen

    A new pair of shoes that is also comfortable can be so satisfying. It’s also a bonus if other people notice your new shoes and spontaneously compliment you on them. I hope that happens.

  • treespotter

    three things you can never have too much of:

    – Love
    – Sex
    – Shoes

  • treespotter

    actually i’d sub shoes for vodka by i’m afraid of my girlfriend.

    she’ll rob me of the first two.

  • the Caitlinator

    Kat, new pants are exciting. My favorite pair of pants are the ones I stole from Billy – the ones with reindeer on them. I’ve worn those for two days straight. I bet yours are nicer.

    Karen, I don’t know if my new shoes look different enough from the old ones that anyone would even notice they’re new. But my feet know the difference, and that’s what’s important.

    Treespotter, that is an excellent philosophy on life. I too think that I would substitute vodka for shoes on that list. Your girlfriend may need to re-examine her priorities.

  • ducklet

    wait, can you BUY just one pair of shoes?

    all my favorite shoes have always gone off the market within 2 months. i have no choice but to buy two pairs at a time.

    ooh, that and liquor, like treespotter says! you always have to buy two.

    i think that’s what treespotter meant.

  • the Caitlinator

    For what it’s worth, I did buy two pairs of shoes, although one pair was useless, as it’s about two sizes too big. [insert expletive here]

    I always buy my liquor by the twos. Kind of like Noah did with his ark. Only way cooler.

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