My Kingdom for a Spoon

They’ve been dwindling in number, you see. I know not where they’ve gone, frolicking away as spoons are wont to do. I am sad since their parting for I can no longer eat my pudding.

Oh, spoons! Please come home! Join me for pudding!

(Categorize this post under an unwillingness to fret about anything substantial, like, say, finding a job.)


3 responses to “My Kingdom for a Spoon

  • Karen

    Cherchez la femme. Or in this case, look to your dishes. They are known to run away with spoons.

  • Heather Anne

    Well I don’t know where they are going, but I CAN tell you that all the forks in my office kitchen are running away, too. I am beginning to suspect some sort of wild silverware orgy.

  • the Caitlinator

    Well, I guess we’ll know what’s going on if I start finding an unusual number of sporks showing up.

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