Yes, I Am An Art Student

Too exhausted to write about my day registering for classes on Thursday, I instead drew this annotated diagram of my day. (Click on image for a larger view.)

1. Woke up at 7:30am, showered, dressed, walked out the door at 8:15am.
2. Hopped on the subway to Kew Gardens.
3. Actually found the bus to Queens College without incident.
4. Actually found the entrance to Queens College without getting lost.
5. Entered Kiely Hall for the transfer orientation workshop. Discovered that I was in fact NOT the oldest person there. Proceeded to have around 23 anxiety attacks before the workshop even started as I was browsing through the two-inch-thick stack of books and papers I had been given as I entered the lecture hall.
6. Got shuttled off after the seminar with the other students who had not submitted their immunization records. Turned in the records without incident (yes!).
7. Headed back to Kiely Hall for advisement, where I learned I can get my bachelors in art education and that only 19 of my undergraduate credits from NYU transferred automatically. Tried not to have another anxiety attack. Discovered that I was closed out of every single class I needed except for skiing, political science, and art history. Tried not to cry in front of the volunteer who was helping me register. Made him laugh. A lot.
8. Went back to the health center with my six credits (art history and political science) to find out about health insurance. Learned I needed a written letter from the registrar to prove I had the six required credits to qualify for the coverage.
9. Headed to the financial aid office to confirm that I did not, in fact, qualify for one single bit of federal or state aid. Actually went to the bursar’s office to pay for my classes but decided against it in case I made changes to my schedule (which I did end up doing). Went to the registrar’s office and got my proof of enrollment letter.
10. Headed over to the art department office to see if they might be willing to let me into one or two classes even though they were already full. Found out that I have to have declared my major (and secondary education minor) to do so. Realized I could not get my declaration of minor form signed because the professor who signs it was on vacation until Monday.
11. Went over to the studio art department to get them to sign off on my major.
12. Realized I was starving, having been doing things that are completely unfamiliar to me for six straight hours without rest. Decide to bag it and go home.
13. Transfer back from the bus to the subway.
14. Walk with heavy footsteps to the diner, where I’ve decided to treat myself to a BLT on whole wheat toast and a chapter of the book I’m reading. Realize that I’ve done a helluva job today.
15. Walk home and collapse onto the couch just in time to watch “Knight Rider” and fall asleep for the rest of the day.


6 responses to “Yes, I Am An Art Student

  • Karen

    Very cute drawing. Sounds like a typical day of student life, crossing all the i’s and dotting the t’s. 😉

  • Summer

    I like the way you make your 4’s.

    wv: qlwftf, the official sound of college-bureaucracy-induced exasperation.

  • eclectic

    Reminds me of the old Family Circus cartoons where one of the kids would leave a trail all over the neighborhood of various activities, but when asked what he/she had done that day, would reply, “Nuthin’.” Congrats on getting it done!

  • the Caitlinator

    Summer, I would love to take credit for those 4’s, but it’s actually a font. I can’t remember which one. But all the rest of the writing is my own. Though I am considering turning that into a font as well. If I could only figure out how.

  • Lorea Sinclaire

    Very adorable diagram. Best of luck to you in your studies. 🙂

  • Lorea Sinclaire

    Very adorable diagram. Best of luck to you in your studies. 🙂

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