The Logistics of Eating Yogurt with a Fork

Sometimes, you just don’t have a spoon when you want to eat some yogurt. And because you’re resourceful, you decide to use a fork. When that situation arises, here are some helpful tips for maximum yogurt retrieval:

1. Add granola to the yogurt. The increased chunkiness of the yogurt decreases the odds of it falling between the tines and back into the cup.

2. Fingers. Fingers are good spoon substitutes as well. Just make sure you have access to napkins. Or, I suppose, you could wipe your fingers on your pants. But that’s just gross.

Yeah. That’s about it. Hey. I’m no expert at eating yogurt with a fork over here. I don’t have ALL the answers. Feel free to add your own yogurt-eating tips in the comments. It is, after all, for the good of all mankind.


6 responses to “The Logistics of Eating Yogurt with a Fork

  • kat

    you could always use the handle end as a spoon substitute.

  • eclectic

    No fair Kat, that’s my standard technique when camping and we run out of plastic spoons first. Of course, I’ve never tried it with yogurt, but the handle’s way better with cereal and milk than the tines.

  • Karen

    Yogurt comes in a little cup, right? And it’s semi-liquid? You could do as my son does with similar substances and just slurp it noisily right out of the cup. (Yeah, he’s 10. Old enough to know better, but not old enough to care about the social consequences.)

  • alizerancrimson

    if the contaner is flexible you could fold it in half and slurp the yougert out.

  • the Caitlinator

    You guys are ringers! Who knew my readers were experts in non-spoon yogurt-eating?

  • AnnieElf

    I don’t believe I’ve ever had this happen to me but if it did, plan B would definitely be the handle of the fork. LOL

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