Day One of Unemployment

Today I woke up in denial. Seriously. I woke up at 7:30 without my alarm clock, got up, showered, watched “Knight Rider” as usual (Michael got MARRIED), logged in, checked my e-mail and read blogs, and then I sat there and said, “NOW WHAT?”

Such an odd feeling. There are things I could be doing, sure. But why? I’m on vacation. Right?

So now that I don’t have health insurance, this little tiny rash I’ve had on my finger for the past four months has developed into an angry beastly thing that is threatening to devour my entire hand. I’ve attempted to defeat it with everything from anti-blackhead astringent to Lotrimin to Cortizone to high-powered laser beams and it won’t go away. I hope my new insurance card comes soon. Like, ON September 1. I am getting tired of the feeling of little chomping evilness on my finger. Like, enough already!

Apparently when I don’t have to work, I say “like” a lot.



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