It’s kind of weird how I have so much less free time now that I am unemployed. How does that work, exactly?

I’m facing the fact that I have a serious problem regarding the number of blogs I read on a daily basis. I might have to cut back in order to continue being productive in my job search and also in completing my schoolwork. Believe me, cutting back on blog reading is like me trying to cut back on oxygen. But dude. If I don’t find a job soon, I’m going to have to sell my computer to pay rent and then I won’t get to read ANY blogs. Sigh.

So yeah. School’s going pretty well. I just ordered my last textbook. The university bookstore has not carried the title all semester so I finally gave up and ordered it from Amazon. Turned out to be a good move, too, since I’ll be saving approximately $15, even including the expedited shipping. I guess that’s not bad.

Haha, funny story. Yesterday I spent over four hours doing Spanish homework. I seriously thought my brain was going to explode from being overstuffed with too many Spanish verbs and pronouns. With every page I completed in the workbook, I lamented how mean my teacher was for assigning so much work in so short a time. I got to class last night and discovered that all that homework? It had never actually been assigned. I think that if I am going to take this class, I am going to need to learn how to speak Spanish so I know what the correct assignments are.

Yeah. That’s it. It’s ok if you want to cut me from your list of daily reads. I know how valuable time is, and I’m not sure this would make my cut, either.


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