Things of Interest in My Life:

My toaster broke and I’ve been on a toast kick, so I’ve been using my oven for toasting individual slices of bread. Some may call this pathetic. I call it resourceful.

I actually brushed my hair today for the first time since sometime in May or June and realized I have a lot more hair now than I did then. It might be time for a trim.

Gahd, I can only come up with two interesting things about my life, and they’re not even that interesting. I think that probably just about says it all.


4 responses to “Things of Interest in My Life:

  • kat

    i made a similar discovery recently, and booked a trim post haste. somehow, i don’t think little house on the prairie hair screams sex appeal.

  • fiction dept

    i know people who ONLY toast their bread in an oven… b/c they only like their toast done on one side!

    …i haven’t had my hair cut since last December… and every day I think: I can’t stand it! Don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle NOT getting it cut before the year is out (which was my original personal goal). We’ll see. 2 more months??? Geez.

  • eclectic

    Well, another interesting thing is that you won the ending contest over at my site. So, there’s that.

  • treespotter

    this is creepy. i just discovered that my nails grow, too. is that normal?

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