I Have 263 Blog Posts to Read

I have 263 posts to read in my blog reader. It’s been an interesting few weeks here on the homefront. But I swear I will read them all.

Bedbugs are taking over my life again. No, I’m not reinfested, but I feel I have been sucked into the world of political bedbug action thanks to my website. Yesterday I sat in and testified at a New York City Council hearing on bedbugs. I got to meet some of the members of the bedbug support group that I started at the end of January, which was nice, although I wish we could have met under better circumstances. I hosted a reporter in my home today from NPR who did an interview about the site and my experience with bedbugs. With any luck, the piece might air sometime either today or tomorrow, probably in “All Things Considered.” This site here doesn’t compare at all to my bedbug site with regard to traffic. I’ve had to face the fact in the last day or so that I am going to be famous for having bedbugs. That is absolutely disgusting.

I still haven’t started my new job. I’m getting seriously perturbed. The temp agency has until this afternoon to call me and then I am going elsewhere for a paycheck. This is ridiculous.

In the meantime, you can find me reading your blogs, thinking about your blogs while I run on the treadmill, and translating your blogs during my Spanish class tonight.


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