273 Posts to Go…

I have been reading blogs all day and I’m down to 273 posts left. You get that? DOWN TO 273 posts. You people need to stop writing and let me catch up already!

I found out that I will not be starting the new job until NEXT Monday. I guess I’m okay with this, as long as I get some kind of job sometime this week. I am registered to substitute teach, so maybe I will get some work that way for tomorrow and Friday. If not, I have Friday off from school, so maybe I can work somewhere administratively that day.

I just want to say for the record that I’m entering into a phase of deep depression that revolves around the fact that after next week, my bank account will have very nearly zero dollars in it, with no immediate replenishment in sight. Most people have some savings when they quit their jobs without an idea of what they’ll do next, but not me. Nope. I did this with $200 in my pocket, a hope, and a prayer. I’ve still got the hope and the prayer, but the $200 is depleting itself rapidly.

I guess worst comes to worst, I’ve got candles and a couple lighters, as well as a deck of cards and some tunafish. I figure I can live about a week with no electric, gas, or cable.

All I can say is, thank god for Billy. I don’t know what I would do without him, and I’m not just saying that for his money.

UPDATE (1:47pm): ARGH! Now I have 276 posts left! STOP WRITING, DAMN IT!

UPDATE (4:48pm): I am caught up. You may resume posting.


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