Thursday, September 21

Life has calmed down a lot since I caught up with all those blog posts. I have to say, I was getting frantic wondering what you all had been up to. It’s so much better now.

I’m still not working. That’s probably enough said about that.

I don’t really have much to say today except that I’m just trucking along. I fill my days with bedbug e-mails (yuck), dieting and exercise, blogging, IMing, and “Knight Rider.” Surprisingly, this leaves me little time for anything else.

I joined the 365 Days Flickr group. I’ve no idea if I’ll be able to sustain the effort for a full year, but if I can not eat McDonald’s for that long, I think I can take one photo of myself every day for that long. We’ll see. It’s all about willpower.

That’s really it. I’m trying to keep my chin up about work. I’ve literally got no money. I’d be lying to say that doesn’t scare the shit out of me. But I’ve done all I can, I’m still doing all I can, and in the end, there isn’t much more I can do than that.

Oh yeah. And the rash on my finger is back. I hate that rash’s fucking guts.


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