See You When I See You

I am very fucking tired. I miss having a computer at work with functioning internet. (I’m to the point now where I have a computer, but accessing the internet or any other program is impossible. Progress in small steps, people.)

I’ve spent the last two hours reading through hundreds of bedbug-related e-mails. I promised myself when I started the blog last year that I would respond personally to every e-mail I received through that site. Now, with less than ten hours of internet access a week, I am realizing that this may not be a possiblity. I feel like a total failure. And I really fucking hate bedbugs. I don’t even have them anymore.

My interview with NPR aired last night. You can search the NPR site for bedbugs and the four-minute segment is there if you’re interested in hearing it. I sound like a valley girl. She chose the one or two sentences where I got nervous enough to say “like” for every other word. It’s because I didn’t know if I could say “fuck” on NPR. So I said “like” a lot instead.

I’m too tired to write anything else. I’d say tomorrow is another day, but at the rate I’ve been getting internet access, I might not have another day until sometime next May.


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