Annie’s Meme

En este caso, una oración que hable de los gustos, una que compare el pasado con el presente y otra que haga hipótesis.
2. Para el Debate, escriba tres argumentos a favor y tres in contra del tema.
3. Para la Reacción, escriba tres oraciones con expresiones para reaccionar.

I am finally getting around to Annie’s meme that I got tagged with days and days ago. True to the meme, I didn’t cheat and I grabbed the nearest book and these are the three sentences starting with the fifth sentence on the 123rd page. I think it translates to something like,

“In this case, a sentence that talks about tastes, one can compare the past with the present and another can make a hypothesis.
2. For the Debate, write three arguments in favor and three against the theme.
3. For the Reaction, write three sentences with reactionary expressions.”

Can anybody guess what book I opened up?

Sigh. This may actually sum up my life quite well. That and, I also learned the Spanish word for “bedbugs” today. “Chinchas.” Just what every girl should know at this stage in life.


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