It’s Fall.

To me, fall is all about smell. Cinnamon, apple pie, cloves, and cider, fresh baked pumpkin bread, dried leaves, and slow-cooked chili with melting cheddar cheese on top… It’s about the rich, warm aroma of life as I sit with my legs curled underneath me on the couch, pulling a handmade afghan up around my ears, a steaming hot cup of caramel cider in my hands.

But of course fall is also about the colors. The reds, golds, and oranges, latent pale greens offsetting autumn with their fading reminders of summer. It’s blue sky and yellow rays of light that bounce on dancing leaves, drifting occasionally to the soft earth. I witness the beauty of wilting sunflowers at sunset in a wide open patch of pumpkins. Clouds drift by and I feel opened up, standing there picking my apples.

Fall is about football and the World Series and sweaters and new shoes. It’s midterms and snuggling with the one you love. Families and holiday shopping and preparing for the winter ahead. It’s Ella Fitzgerald and scented candles and hot showers with scented body oils and fresh fluffy towels.

I have never loved fall because all I could see was the beginning of the brutal cold of winter. This year I love fall. This year I’m stopping to smell the cinnamon cider and to bake the banana bread. This fall I’m warming my heart for winter.


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