Shari, I guess… thanks are in order? You’re too funny.

I wrote more about your gift here.

On another note, yesterday was a good mail day. In addition to the above, I also got a PAYCHECK! Praise Jesus. I can finally pay electric, gas, and phone. I’m deciding whether to use the rest of the check to pay for my credit cards (to avoid astronomical interest rates) or to pay the last two months of my health insurance premium (since they’ve already cancelled my coverage). Right now I’m leaning towards the credit cards, since I’ll be getting paid again next week. I think I can go one more week without health insurance. But if I don’t pay the credit cards, I’m stuck with the 30% interest rates on them for at least a year. Hopefully I won’t get hit by a bus or anything this week.

Oh, but that’s not all! I also got a letter from Siggi’s host sister, Shimbanga, in Namibia. It brought tears to my eyes, reading her broken English telling me thank you over and over for coming to visit Siggi, and for the old shirt that I gave her while I was there. She told me about what she is studying in grade 12 this year, and what her aspirations are for the future (she wants to start out as a history teacher, move on to become a journalist, and then finally end up as a meteorologist). It was so touching to hear from her after so long. Her birthday is coming up, so I’m thinking about what I can send her. I’m thinking something with a New York theme would be nice.

I’m hoping to catch up a bit more with my blogging this weekend, as well as clean my apartment, pay some bills, and enjoy some “us” time with Billy. Think it can all be done? Time will tell.


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