Random Points

It’s a lonely, cold, and rainy Friday night. I should be drunk, but for some reason I’m sober. I should be sleeping, but for some reason I’m awake. I shouldn’t be writing, but for some reason I am. Go figure.

Billy’s been in Florida all week, helping his parents move into his sister’s place in Jacksonville. I’ve been in New York, bringing home the bacon. I miss Billy. I do. And not just because he buys me drinks on Friday nights, either. A large part of why I miss him is because when I stand next to him and give him a big hug, my head fits perfectly into his chest and under his chin and that always feels good.

I ordered a desk from Target online last week and was so excited when it arrived on Tuesday! I finally got around to trying to put it together tonight but was sorely disappointed to discover that a few structurally-significant pieces were missing from the box and now I will likely have to wait several weeks until I have a desk of my own. It looks like I will have to continue using the dining room table for a while longer yet.

I haven’t felt very creative lately. I have been writing, though not blogging, and not writing in any creative manner. I have been taking photos, but more of the snapshot variety, and not of the artistic caliber that I am accustomed to taking. Usually at this time of year I am three-quarters of the way through crocheting some kind of afghan but this year I don’t even have any yarn. Granted, I’ve been busy acing midterms (even the ones I recently discovered I never had to take*) and bringing home the bacon, but still… creativity has been lacking, and I find that sad.

I think I’ll turn on a movie, even though it’s almost midnight and I’ll probably fall asleep in ten minutes. It’s probably as close to not being alone as I’ll get this evening.

*I found out on Wednesday evening that I did fulfill my language requirement in high school after all. No one told me that three years of high school Spanish included the years of Spanish I took in 7th and 8th grades. So this essentially is the third time I’ve taken this level of Spanish, since I also made the same mistake during my first undergraduate degree. It’s too late to drop the class for a refund and I need the credits to keep my health insurance (which they still haven’t reinstated) so I guess I’ll just keep it as a GPA-booster. So sad. Since I’m taking this course unnecessarily, I would much rather it was at least at a level I have never completed. Oh well.


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