Mouse in My House

Billy and I have lived together for just over a year and a half now and we have had quite a few uninvited guests. First there were the bedbugs. Then the roaches, who still think they can come back now and again. For about a week in October we had giant mutant flies coming in from some unidentified hole somewhere. Now, I think we might have little mice stopping in to visit once in a while.

I dunno. I noticed a hamburger roll with a hole in the side of it the other day. I thought maybe Billy took a bite of it and put it back. But I also thought a mouse might have gotten to it, so I threw it away.

This morning as I was making lunch, I noticed another slice of bread with an odd hole in it that didn’t quite go through the other side. I also noticed a hole in the plastic bag right around the spot where this particular slice of bread was. Ummm… gross? I think we’ll start using our bread box again. Clearly leaving the bread in a plastic bag in a basket on the counter is not enough to deter the rodents.

How is it that so many creatures are finding themselves so comfortable in our home? I have my suspicions that it might have something to do with the fact that we live right next to the compactor room. This may be a beautiful apartment, but these creatures better start chipping in for rent because if I don’t get a free ride to live here, then neither do they, goddamn it.

P.S. I am purposely trying not to imagine all the other places that there might be mice and roaches hiding in this apartment. I’d honestly rather not know.


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