Gearing Up for Winter

Winter’s on the way.

I don’t much like winter. I don’t like that it’s dark for so many hours of the day. I don’t like that it’s so damn cold. I don’t like that it lasts four months long. I find that no matter how happy I am going into winter, by the time Christmas is over, I am so depressed that facing another two or three months of winter seems utterly unbearable. I made it through last year on the basis of making some major life-altering decisions and, well, living with a boy for the first time ever. This year I’m already starting to feel the effects that the early sunset makes on me and I’m trying not to get too nervous about it.

My theory at the moment is that it will be important to come up with some sort of activities that will balance out the unhappiness that comes with the season with the happiness that I have right now. So in order to stay ahead of the season a little so I don’t find myself blocked when the time comes, I’ve decided to come up with a list of things that I can do to make myself happy when it’s dark and dreary and I don’t want to make it through the night. I might come back and add to it later, too.

* Learn how to knit a colorful sweater.
* Have a cup of hot chocolate with Goldschläger.
* Call up Siggi and invite her over to cook something delicious, since she will finally be back from Africa!
* Bake cupcakes.
* Pull out the crayons and draw a self portrait.
* Take a walk with my camera and try to shoot my current emotional state.
* Go to the gym and run a few miles.
* Make a really difficult and complicated dinner that smells and tastes awesome.
* Throw a dinner party for friends.
* Surf the web for some new music.

I dunno. Now that I’ve written them down, some of these things seem kinda lame. But I will have to come back and add to them as I come up with ideas. What do YOU do to get through the winter?


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