God Help Me

I went to the movies today. Usually when I go to the movies, I prefer to go see the latest 3D-animated cartoon (reminds me of my days as a 3D designer) or some deep emotional heartstring-pulling movie with lots of artistic and cinematographic genius. Or else I like an action movie that is over-the-top enough to make me laugh a little at its ridiculousness.

My first sign today that I was going to see the wrong movie should have been when the person who sold me my ticket asked to see ID proving I was old enough to see an R-rated movie.

I’m still feeling a little nauseous right now. I saw the movie about six hours ago and there are still images of excessive gore and violence stuck in my mind. I fear I may never sleep again. I honestly think that the person (no, people) who made this film need to have some kind of psychological evaluation because anyone who envisions this kind of human torture playing out in any shape or form in their minds must be very seriously and emotionally disturbed.

As I sat in the movie theater covering my eyes, gripping the popcorn bag so tightly that the popcorn was dust by the end of the movie, I kept thinking, my little sister likes this stuff? And her mother lets her watch it? I brought an 11-year-old with me to see this film? All followed quickly with the realization that yes, I was indeed about to throw up.


I already told Jada that the next movie we see will be Happy Feet, and we will have to watch it 20 times in a row to get the horribleness of this movie out of my mind. She said that would be ok. Thank god.

P.S. Any guesses what movie I saw?


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