Through the Eyes of A Child

Someone reminded me yesterday that it’s important sometimes to let yourself be a kid. No time is this more apparent (to me, anyway) than at Christmastime. Somewhere along the line I got so caught up with being an adult that I forgot how to be a kid. This year, I want to see Christmas through the eyes of a child.

To that end, here is how I saw Christmas 16 years ago. I was 11.

December 25, 1990
Yup! Today’s the day! It’s Christmas Day and I’m having a great time! I got great presents. I got:

– a blank video tape
– 4 black cassette tapes
– a magic dollar trick
– $100 dollars (I’m not kidding!)
– an orange
– 6 (six) batteries
– a radio (portable and black)
– [hair] rollers
– socks
– a cool outfit
– a best friend necklace (well, actually that’s Mom’s present, but I wear half of it!)
– hairspray
– a comb
– an NKOTB card
– a lollipop!

Well, it’s lunchtime! See ya! ME ❤

P.S. Merry Christmas!
P.P.S. My grade so far for today is an A+++ etc…


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