Cookies, and More Cookies

Today I start the pseudo-yearly tradition of baking thousands of Christmas cookies. When my best friend Siggi and I were 13, we spent an entire weekend just baking nonstop. When we finally looked up to take a break, there were cookies covering every available surface of her entire house. It looked a bit like what I imagine the North Pole must be like, except with cookies instead of toys. After doing some calculating, we figured we’d baked somewhere in the range of 1,600 cookies.

We’d started the project just to have something creative and fun to do, but suddenly we were faced with the problem of what to do with all those cookies. In the end, Siggi’s mom took them to a local orphanage where they were sincerely appreciated.

And so every year (sort of) since then I have taken myself to the kitchen for an extended weekend of baking. I started my expedition today, though to be honest, the spirit isn’t really with me this year. Maybe I’m thirsty. Or maybe it just isn’t as much fun when I do the baking by myself. And in keeping with tradition, I don’t really have anywhere to bring the cookies. Perhaps the local ER would enjoy them? Or more likely they’ll just think I’m some kooky lady and toss them in the trash. *Shrug. Dunno. I guess I’ll come up with something by Sunday. Anyone in NYC want some cookies?

My other project today is knitting baby caps for Save the Children. I love the yarn. It’s so soft. And I love knitting. It’s so peaceful. Knitting and baking are two of the best ways to spend a Friday in December.


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