Life sucks a lot right now. Like, tons.

So I planned a vacation for my birthday. I know it’s like five months from now, but I really need a summer vacation. I need something to look forward to. Something that isn’t this shithole I’m living in right now.

Billy and I booked it last night; we’re taking a long weekend in late July to Woodstock, VT. We’re going to stay at the Woodstock Inn, which is probably fancier than any hotel I’ve ever stayed in. We’re going to go to a nearby brewery or two while we’re there. And if I can swing it, we’ll bike along some of the dirt roads and over the covered bridges and skip rocks in the streams. And waltz around in the terrycloth robes that come with the room while throwing the chocolates from atop our pillows at each other’s heads for sport.

Yes. Thinking of that did make me feel better, if only momentarily.


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