Seeing Stars

I finally finished coloring in all those little stars. According to my feeble calculations, if each star has 15 points and each square in my grid has five stars, then each square has 75 points. And I’m figuring there are probably at least 75-100 squares in the grid. That’s a total of nearly 1,000 little tiny points that I had to ink in painstakingly with a fine-haired brush that never seemed to want to cooperate when I most needed it. The project also involved my figuring out how all those little points interacted with each other when they overlapped. In all, I spent roughly 20-25 hours doing just the inking, and probably another 3-5 hours stenciling it in. Probably another 2 or so hours creating the grid and the stencil. After all those hours, here is the final product. To be honest, I don’t even CARE if I like it or not. I’m finding I’m actually kind of ambivalent, except for the fact that looking at it kind of makes me dizzy.


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