Forward Progress

Oh, I have had such a hard month.

Not everything is bad. In fact, probably none of it is bad. It’s all about perspective. I just don’t have enough of it yet.

I had to drop out of the half marathon I was going to run next weekend. I guess the upside to that is that now I get to go to the beer festival that is the same weekend. I don’t know if any long distance running will ever be in my future. It’s definitely an uphill battle if it is, and probably not for a very long time. If I didn’t have so many other things going on in my life, I might try harder to figure out how to fight it, but frankly, I’m tired. Too tired to run when my body doesn’t want me to.

(Stupid body.)

Other things are happier, but still a whirlwind of change. I think, considering the circumstances, which I can’t write about on this site, I am doing remarkably well. It is my hypothesis that would everything going on in my life right now have happened five years ago, I would be lying in some gutter somewhere with an empty bottle of tequila in one hand and an empty bottle of scotch in the other, completely devoid of all rational thought and wishing I’d never been born.

So maybe I’ve made some progress over the years after all.


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