Spring Clean

I’m going to go out for a short run (all I’m able to do these days) in the gorgeous weather in a few minutes but I wanted to post this quickly, even though I’ll be taking it down shortly.

I’ve made quite a lot of progress removing the old posts and it’s felt a bit strange. I’m saving each post individually and am thinking of putting them into a book to save with my other journals I’ve been saving since the fifth grade. But each post that disappears from this site feels like a little piece of my past that I’m erasing.

Yet. It’s oddly gratifying as well. Each post I remove makes room for the future. It’s not as though the posts are really disappearing. They’re just been filed away, stored for the future, when I can look back on them and remember them fondly. They’re always a part of my past. Just now is more about the present and my future.

Every once in a while, cleaning house really heals my spirit.


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