Quick Update

I never have time to sit and actually write anything interesting these days. Luckily my life itself is pretty interesting; that’ll have to make up for it.

One day I’ll write more details about my engagement and how it happened. It’s romantic, in its quirky way, sort of like me and Billy, so that’s appropriate. But man, I can’t get into that now. Sorry.

What I can tell you is that I did well in my classes. Very glad the semester is over and I’ve got the summer off to raise the money to pay for next semester.

I can also tell you that my wedding date is April 13, 2008 and it will be here. Please try to ignore the cheesiness of the flash video. But the cool thing about our wedding date is that once every four years we will celebrate our anniversary on Friday the 13th. I can think of nothing more appropriate.


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