Time for a Break.

I just finished helping Siggi and Will with their big moving-in weekend. They’ve got a gorgeous apartment in West Harlem with lots of space. I have not walked up and down so many stairs and driven around so many boroughs in a U-Haul in I think my entire adult life. I think, perhaps, I can even include my prepubescent life in that category as well, come to think of it.

It’s nice to know they’re on their way to being settled into a place where they can live for quite some time. Their third roommate, Zack, should be moving in next weekend and then they will have living room furniture too.

It’s good I walked up so many stairs yesterday. Because otherwise I would not have gotten in any kind of a decent workout. Well, except for the seven miles I ran between Friday night and Saturday morning. Which, by the way, I don’t recommend doing unless your body is used to it. I am now ready to collapse into a pile of limp human muscle on the floor. It’s not very attractive.

Updated to say: I think there is enough muscular strength left in my right arm to help me lift a glass of scotch to my parched lips, which gives me great hope for my future as a sane human being.


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