It’s Good to Have Goals.

It is my intention to make the fall semester my last part-time semester until I start grad school. You know, again.

To accomplish such a lofty goal, I have to contact NYU to have them send my graduate school transcript to Queens College since there is a possibility my Maya courses may satisfy my basic sculpture requirement.

I also have to go to the Dean of Education at Queens College to sign off on my request to minor in secondary education.

Then I have to go to the English department to bargain for them to accept my Words course for a literature and writing credit.

From there it’s on to the Sociology department to get them to accept my Science and Social Science course for that liberal arts requirement.

Then off to the art department to see if they’ll take Maya I as sculpture and Photo I as Photo I (because, you know, there’s a lot of ambiguity there and the admissions department couldn’t figure that one out on their own).

Then I take ALL those signatures to the registrar’s office (I think) and hopefully they credit my degree progress appropriately.

From there, I only have 54 credits left in my degree to finish. Which leaves me time to search for a part-time job that will allow me to work within the logical-to-somebody Queens College course schedule to take 15 credits each semester. At that pace, I should be able to graduate in 3.6 semesters. Including a busy summer term, there is a possibility of being able to start TEACHING, full time, with medical benefits, paid time off, and even possibly some retirement savings (oh, the luxury I have done without this past year) as soon as fall 2009.

I am definitely going to need the light of the Universe to shine down on this endeavor.


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