Running for the Cause

I recently signed up to run two 5k races. They’re not exactly the marathon I wanted to run last year, but at least it’s something, and they’re both for good causes.

I kind of hate soliciting on my website, BUT… if you have it in your heart to support one of these two causes, I sure would appreciate it.

I have to be honest, though. For me, while the causes are great, the real reason I’m running is to prove to myself that there’s still a point in it. A few months ago you may remember that I found I was having some problems with my long-distance runs of five miles or more. After lots and lots of costly tests, I found out that I had running-induced ischemic colitis and that there was nothing to do to prevent it. I will likely always have this problem with long distance running. For a while it turned me off of pretty much everything, but lately I’ve gotten back into the habit of running regularly, even for three or four miles, and signing up for these races was a big deal for me. And they give me a good reason to really push to finish one of the races under the 30-minute mark. I’m about 47 seconds away from achieving it. If I can’t run for distance, then damn it, I will run for speed. I could use your support to keep going, so please pledge your support today.

The first race I’m running is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Sunday, September 9 to benefit breast cancer research. My personal donation site can be accessed here.

The second race is the NYC Big Brothers Big Sisters Race for the Kids, for which I was a big sister for over three years. My personal donation page can be found here.

Thank you in advance for any donation you can make for the cause(s)!


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